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Horizon Pharmacy I
icon address 46-30 Kissena Blvd.
Queens, New York 11355
icon address Tel: 718-888-1918
Fax: 718-888-9348
Pharmacy II image
Horizon Pharmacy II
icon address 136-11 38th Ave.
Queens, NY 11354
icon address Tel: 718-939-8787
Fax: 718-939-5353
Pharmacy II image
Horizon Pharmacy III
icon address 8114 Broadway Elmhurst
Queens, NY 11373
icon phone Tel: 718-803-1188
Fax: 718-803-1180
Pharmacy II image
Horizon Pharmacy IV
icon address 41-46 Main St.
Queens, NY 11355
icon phone Tel: 718-359-8881
Fax: 718-359-8871
Horizon Pharmacy V
icon address 44-04 Kissena Blvd.
Queens, NY 11355
icon phone Tel: 718-539-8989
Fax: 718-539-1919

Welcome to Horizon Pharmacy

Horizon Pharmacy’s services are primarily dedicated towards the achievement of your goal which is well managed health for you and your family.  We work each day and find ways to help you achieve your best health through quality but affordable drugs and healthcare equipment.

Our pharmaceutical products include the prescription medicines available in tablets, oral solution, capsules and compounded forms. We also offer over-the-counter drugs that provide the relief you relief.  If you’re on a budget, our generic plans may just be what you need.  For every customer, we tailor our services by offering affordable prices for high quality products.

Please give us a call with your questions and concerns.  You can reach us at 718-888-1918.